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load test performed to determine capacity of augercast piles

Load Test Performed to Determine Capacity of Existing Augercast Piles

A St. Louis-based metal coatings company recently decided to expand their manufacturing facility in Granite City, IL. Since a new crane bay was part of the expansion, they needed to know if the existing augercast pile could carry the additional load of the new wall. Using old pile installation records, it was determined that the existing augercast piles were 18-inch diameter to a depth of 45 feet.

Subsurface Constructors was hired to install a test pile to confirm that it could handle the required geotechnical service load capacity of 160 kips. In fact, the test pile was loaded to 450 kips with about a half-inch of movement, thus verifying the load carrying capacity of the existing piles. Subsurface then completed the project by installing 62 augercast piles for support of the new building.

Project details:

Year: 2022
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

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