Foundation Load Testing and Shoring Instrumentation

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Subsurface Constructors possesses the engineering expertise and necessary equipment to perform geotechnical load testing methods. We have completed thousands of load tests on micropile, augercast pile, driven pile, drilled shafts, aggregate piers and vibro stone columns, verifying design loads or proving higher capacities that allow for a reduced number of foundation elements.

On a recent project, we used an Osterberg Load Cell test to demonstrate that drilled shafts could withstand a much greater load than the original design load. The number of drilled shafts on the project was significantly reduced, resulting in an overall project savings of over 30 percent. This testing capability clearly allows us to present significant value engineering alternatives.

On large earth retention projects, quality construction is the top priority, but services are not complete when our equipment leaves the worksite. Using our experience and instrumentation, we can continually monitor the movement of large earth retention systems after we have finished building them.

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