Augercast pile

Subsurface constructors provides you with experienced augercast pile contracting as the most complete specialty foundation contractor in the St. Louis region. In the appropriate soil profile, augercast pile is an economic alternative to traditional high-capacity deep foundations.

Fast installation and reduced soil disturbance are just two benefits from our high-torque equipment and heavy section augers. This equipment provides Subsurface with the capability to complete your large or small projects ahead of schedule.

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Advantages of augercast piles

  • Flexible — available from 12 to 30 inches in diameter
  • Rapid installation — even with poor soil conditions
  • Faster results with in-house design
  • Less noise — drilled and pumped piles eliminate the hammer impact noise heard with driven piles
  • Minimal vibrations and disturbance
  • No casing needed — auger holds the shape of the pile hole during the drilling phase of augercast pile installation
  • Works in low-headroom spaces — augercast piles can be installed in existing buildings with as little as 7-foot clearance
  • Reliability — load testing is available and encouraged to verify design loads

Augercast pile installation

Augercast piles are high-capacity deep foundations best suited for sands and silts below the water table. They are installed by drilling a continuous flight, hollow stem auger to the termination depth. A sacrificial plug inserts into the auger tip prior to construction and is pushed out by grout flow.

After reaching design depth, grout pumps through the auger as the auger is slowly removed (with rotation) from the hole. Upon completion of the pile, a steel cage or single steel bar may be placed in the center of the hole in the still-fluid grout to provide reinforcement.

Why an experienced augercast pile contractor is crucial to your project

Quality control is crucial when installing augercast pile, and you want to retain contracting services experienced with a wide variety of projects.

Subsurface Constructors has installed thousands of augercast piles with rigorous quality control for the following types of projects:

  • Oil refinery pipe racks
  • Liquid storage tanks
  • Industrial and commercial structures
  • Large casino structure
  • Temporary shoring systems in unstable soils using augercast piles as the lateral support elements

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