Earth Retention

Permanent or temporary earth retention systems play a significant role in your project’s cost and schedule. In addition to time and money, an inherent concern with shoring systems is risk associated with the potential for earth movement. Subsurface Constructors has full engineering capabilities to design the most practical and economical earth retention system for your geotechnical conditions.

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Benefits of earth retention shoring

Earth retention provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Ground stabilization and reinforcement
  • Lower cost
  • Fast excavation that puts your project ahead of schedule

At Subsurface Constructors, we design and construct several types of shoring for cuts through varying soils, reaching a maximum height of about 40 to 50 feet in some areas.

Why using experienced earth retention engineers is crucial to your project

Quality control is crucial for your temporary or permanent earth retention systems, and you want a contractor experienced with a wide variety of projects both large and small.

Subsurface Constructors installed temporary shoring systems for several recent large construction projects, such as the St. Louis Metrolink Cross-County Expansion. This consists of approximately 440,000 square feet of wall face, spanning about 1.4 miles of the alignment.

Subsurface is an experienced design-builder of these earth retention systems:

  • Driven Sheet Pile Walls
  • Soldier Pile Walls (Tied Back, Cantilevered, Strut and Waler)
  • Soil Nail Walls
  • Augercast Pile Walls
  • Secant Pier Walls
  • Modified Secant Walls

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