Deep Foundation

Proctor & Gamble addition

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Augercast piles for Proctor & Gamble building addition

When Proctor & Gamble wanted to build an addition to their PCC Building in Iowa City, Iowa, they needed about 10 feet of fill to meet existing grades. Based on other site areas that had been previously preloaded, the new fill, along with added building loads, were expected to cause settlements in excess of 5 inches due to the presence of soft, lean clays and an organic clay layer with depth.

They hired Subsurface Constructors to install augered cast-in-place piles. We developed the design capacity of these piles and verified them by the performance of pile load tests, which showed less than a half-inch of movement at 2.25 times the working load.

By working closely with the structural engineer, we spaced the piles appropriately to allow for quick and efficient installation. In only five days time, we installed about 80 piles of 16-inch diameter and 50-foot length.

Project details:

Owner: Proctor & Gamble
Geotechnical Engineer: Terracon, Inc.
General Contractor: Septagon Construction, Inc.
Structural Engineer: Septagon Construction, Inc.
Services Provided: Deep foundation, Augercast Pile, Value Engineering
Location: Iowa City, Iowa

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