Ground Improvement

Selby Milton Victoria Apartments

Selby Milton Victoria Apartments ground improvemenet

Ground improvement with stone columns on apartment building site

The Selby Milton Victoria Apartments are a three-story structure without a basement in St. Paul, Minnesota. The geology of the site was primarily uncontrolled fill soils composed of silty and clayey sands. The fill depths extended from 7 to 13 feet below existing grade. Natural soils under the fill were sandy soils to boring termination depth of 26 feet below existing grade.

Subsurface Constructors installed 130 stone columns to provide a maximum bearing pressure of 3,500 pounds per square foot (psf). Piers were also installed within 5 feet of the property line on the north and west sides of the property.

Project details:

Owner: Selby Milton Victoria Apartments
Geotechnical Engineer: Northern Technologies, LLC
General Contractor: Watson-Forsberg
Services Provided: Ground improvement, stone columns
Year: 2018
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

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