Vibro Concrete Columns

Some soils, such as organic silts and peat, are too weak to allow for successful installation of vibro stone columns and rammed piers. In this case, a grouted column can be installed to carry the load from the structure, wall or other load-bearing system through the very soft soils to a better strata below. When installed with vibratory probes, the elements are called vibro concrete columns, or VCCs.

Benefits of concrete columns

VCCs may be the most cost-effective option for increasing bearing capacity under spread footings, in particular, in relatively shallow layers of very soft soils. They may also be used to support loads that cover a large area, such as large tanks or bridge approach earthen embankments. Based on available geotechnical information, Subsurface can help determine which ground improvement technique is most feasible and cost-effective for a given project.

Subsurface Constructors has deep experience in vibro concrete columns

Subsurface Constructors has designed and installed vibro concrete columns on several different types of projects, including highway bridge approaches and under footings for building structures. We let the soils and loading conditions dictate the best ground improvement approach, and we take over from there.

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